A.Okan Gülalioğlu
A.Okan GülalioğluDesigner
He was born to an artist mother and a art historian father as their second son on 11.11.1988, in Malatya. Following an unsuccesful primary and high school track, he unwillingly gave into his parents on going to college. Passing a special talent exam, he was admitted to Bahcesehir University’s Faculty of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design. Although he never wanted to study on this area, he was very fond of his university as well his major by the time he graduated. After working with the some of best design houses and designers in Istanbul and Frankfurt, he decided to produce his own furniture line, which was his dream in his college years. He founded his own studio and brand Good & Wood in 2014.

Design Principle

“Design is neverending. There’s always a better design”

Because this is my motto, I have worked very hard for my designs until they were ready to be exposed and exhibited. By retouches, I have improved many of my designs even after they were exposed. FOr my designs to be better and better, I have always valued criticism as a designer.